Friday, July 10, 2009

Advice: Sass Style

[thanks aloofdork]
Dear Allyson,

One. Can we not call him Edward? It reminds me too much of the Twilight fan girl series (readers, look for a future post on this topic. I am currently reading them because a girl called me a "bitch" for saying only sad girls read them. I stand un-corrected.)

Two. From what I can tell of your relationship, it's not going to matter how his current relationship ends. It seems like it will indefinitely end, that they just are not right for on another. But while they are in pre-dating the love of my life while I date someone else that is way less interesting stage, you just have to keep being awesome and keep doing what your doing. I think the best way to go about this is just by staying in his life. I know this is your plan, but it really is key. It will keep your aura in his thoughts, even while away. Then, when he dumps the current girlfriend (for whatever reason) you will be the one he thinks about. AND WHAM! Instant love.

I know time sucks. It could be a long time. But just between you and me, and all of the blog's readers, I doubt it.

Fuck you Father Time,


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