Monday, July 13, 2009

Slumber Party

Dear Mikayla,

You may not have realized this, but we are actually incredibly talented posers.

Look at this face--it says Top Model "Late Night" to me. You are vogueing up the film. And that shirt? I didn't know small town could look so fierce. Work it, girl.

Look at me, in this one. The outfit is great. Those boxers belong to my ex-boyfriend, I realized. I was going to sew up the giant hole in the crotch for him, but because I'm always working on my vogueing, I never did. My procrastination has outlasted that relationship.

But look at my skill! The lifted leg, the sculpted thigh, the hand steadying myself on the countertop. Who knew I was so naturally brilliant in this arena?

Ah--here we obviously have my best look. The attitude, the sass, the lack of my face. Gorgeous.

Oh, and finally, the Dark, Angry Look. You are still vogueing the frame. Your face is stunning, calm, perfected. Such eyes! Such utensils! Who knows what this little Lady Farmer is up to?!
And me, in this photo? I think it was around this time that I realized I probably needed to take a shower. The Grunge-Look is one I probably should practice on.
All my love,
Dear Blog World--our photographer on this shoot, Zac Efron, is actually one of the many amusements of my life when it comes to the slumber parties that he, Mikayla, and I have. Three's Company?

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  1. Dear Allyson,

    The world of fashion would be lost without us.

    see you on the catwalk,