Monday, July 13, 2009

Hottie Mc Dottie

Dear Allyson,

Alright. When creating code names, I had several ideas for coding the boy I like every now and then (or the love of my life, whatever.)

Here are some of my initial thoughts:

The Educational Route:

James Madison, the forth president of the United States!
Fun Fact: He is our shortest president, and weighed only 100lbs!

I mean, check out that stern look and chiseled jaw. HOTTIE!

The Underwater Route:

The Cuttlefish!
Fun fact: Cuttlefish can rapidly change their skin color.

Hey Cuttlefish, you can Cuddle-fish with me anytime!

The Seemingly Mundane Office Supplies Route:
Thanks boring office job for the sexy idea!)

Scotch Tape!
Fun Fact: The mascot for Scotch Tape is Scotty McTape, a kilt wearing Scotsman. I do love men in skirts.

I'll stick to you, wherever you would like.

But I GUESS if we are going to go with young, sizzling celebrities, I'll take a shot with


Why? Don't question my love.
Oh Annie? Who are you, and why are you not me?

So when I refer to the man I love, I will say ZAC EFRON!

ZE, Call me!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Mikayla,
    Zac Efron is gold. I cannot wait to be in a film with him. Guess who I'll be? The best friend to the girl he dates in the film. But guess what else? Zac Efron is gonna have a sass attack after spending so much time around me on set, and will be mine forever.