Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sassanati: Things We Love in Cincinnati

Dear Blog World,

Cincinnati is a weird place, true. It is common knowledge, however, that every weird place is weird because it is full of quirky specificity. Such it is with Cincy.

I love really knowing the city I'm living in. Lately, with the adventuresome spirit of my two friends Mikayla and Zac Efron, we've had the opportunity to experience some tasty, delicious Cincinnati.

The Bon Bonerie
in O'Bryonville...

...was charming beyond belief. I met Zac Efron and Mikayla for lunch, and ate bits of the delicious quiche off of their plates. They both had gotten the same meal--a large, healthy, beautiful looking salad, with quiche, and tea cookies. Tea cookies?! How adorable! But of course, the Bon Bonerie is a tea room, with a full bakery right next door! And let me tell you, the bakery is heaven. I love bakeries, anyway (I love artistic baking), and this place is stuffed full of free samples, large cases of cookies and treats, and lovely design wedding cakes.

Be sure to check out the website for full information, and reservations. The tables go quickly in this quaint, little space.

in Northside... everything you would want out of a sophisticated, casual evening. Non-fuss, classy--this restaurant exemplified eclectic attitude in a streamlined, comfortable setting. The menus are handwritten and served with a bread basket and a minute date shake. Lovely. The servers were well-versed in the meal selection, and the selections were divine and diverse. For a flat price, a three-course meal was offered, or you could select items a la carte. We went a la carte, ate off of each other's plates, and were well-fed and happy.

Call ahead for reservations, simply because everyone else will, and you want to secure that table first.

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