Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tantalizing, Tempting, Tasty, Terrifying Transformations!

Dear Mikayla,
This is the Modcloth.com "Terrific Transformations" contest entry. God, I love alliteration. Seeing how the power of this blog is that it is a TANDEM blog, I wanted you to do it too, but you are obviously busy being in love and visiting your family on vacation for a surprise 50th Anniversary Party. We shall see how far that gets you!
Anyway, Transformation. Let me tell you something, dear Mikayla, and listen up just as well as you possibly can: I have been the exact same since I was born. I came out of the womb la ti da-ing and sa-shaying, and eating delicious food. I had an awesome smile, a combo klutz/glide gait, and was nicknamed "Hungry Hungry Hippo" at a very early age. These attributes still remain. I have been this girl, this happy, loving girl, since the day I was born. Look at that face! That's the face of a future superblogger!

What, then, am I doing on this contest? Well, dear Mikayla, my transformation is as universal as any: One day, I grew up. OH--ONE DAY?! Sorry, by "one day" I actually meant within the course of two years. That's right, baby, I went to college. And not just any college, dear Mikayla, but our college--ol' beloved Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, studying for a BFA in Dramatic Performance. Such a big step from li'l ol' Farmersville, Texas.

I was crushed.

I was overwhelmed.

I was focused entirely on myself.

And one day (this is where the "day" factor comes in), I realized I needed to be a better listener.

I know, novel idea, right?

So, I volunteered. A LOT. (and still do!)
I broke up with the Love of my Life, commonly referred to as "Chris Pine" on this blog. It may not have been a good idea, but it is what I needed, then.
I stand by that decision.

I dated, and had my idea of "self" tested.

I chopped my hair off.

Look at that face! Fearless!

I missed my family!
That family lives in Farmersville, Texas. That mama lives in Farmersville, Texas. This is a girl doing her own taxes, working for her education, paying for her own braces.
...ah, I feel like I'm on my own high horse, now. So let's keep this short and simple.

I've transformed into the girl I always hoped I would be.

"How?! How, did you do it," I'm sure you are asking. Well, my secret is one that you also do every day. You breathe. You go to work. You have things happen. I did it the same way...

I did it by just living this life!

I was now paying attention to my emotions and physical reactions, taking the time to really pay attention to what I was interested in, and getting up and moving my sleepy rear into action. I woke up to what I had to offer myself, and started rising to my own expectations.

That tiny girl is me, obviously NOT in Cincinnati------------->

Mikayla, if I win a hundred bucks from Modcloth.com for this, you are going to be sorry that you felt like living your own life instead of bloggity-blogging it up in your own cold, metallic cubicle. SERIOUSLY. :)

Love, as ever,

P.S. Like my favorite show, "Master Chef," the contestants enter a competition, playing for a cause they believe. Any winnings from this contest entry are being matched in FULL to this amazing girl: Amanda Mauppin. Within the past year, Amanda has undergone her own transformation; she's almost home-free of her cancer, almost a cancer survivor. Amanda Mauppin is a sassy girl that I absolutely believe in. Go Amanda!

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