Monday, July 20, 2009

Wandering Around a City I've Lived in for Two Years

Dear Mikayla,

I used to be upset about how little I actually knew about this city we live in. Cincinnati is just as big a place as anywhere, kind of, and I was lost within it. I was depressed being in a place that I just really didn't understand, a place of dark corners and disclosed secrets.

Then I got a life. And a car.

And I've been getting lost and exploring ever since. The day we went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe was a perfect day in my mind. I dropped you and Zac Efron off about four, and headed down to the Cincinnati Public Library. Today was the day I was going to become recognizably literate. After spending a few hours there, I decided to take a walk around the downtown area. It was quaint. I looked adorable in my fifties inspired dress from, and it was noticed by men over thirty. I found corners and streets I had never been on before, and I pieced a map of downtown Cincy together in my mind. I found an outdoor concert at Fountain Square, and stumbled into Cincy Shakes, just in time to get a fifth row seat to "Engagement!" which was more delightful than I possibly could've hoped for. Such a beautiful day inspired me to do much the same the following, and I spent Saturday at the Cincy Museum of Art, Mt. Adams, and a carnival that I ran into. It was a sweet way to live a pleasantly spontaneous weekend.

Love, Allyson

Ah, Mount Adams. Quaint, quiet, little boozer town. First looks can sure be deceiving...

Oh, couch on the street--what secrets do you hold for me? Can I come sit on you? No? Oh, you don't have cushions. That's okay, I understand.

Ohio's First President, an achievement we ALL can be proud of.

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