Monday, July 13, 2009


Dear Mikayla,

Do you remember this girl? She is the "what could have been" of this blog's love life. Leah Watson.

As many of our more astute bloggers may have detected, little Miss Watson is creeping in our tiny blog photo at the top left of our page (wearing my clothes, I shall add.) She does that a lot. Steals things. And she also does not put them back. This is a small component of why our friendship functions the way it does. I spent my entire childhood cleaning house for my seven siblings, and here, an only child, "wonder child," comes around using my make-up, hair products, lotion, food, technology, and personal life experience. When she is done playing with things, she leaves them out, and I clean them up.

Miss Watson is excellent for many other things, as well. The singular time in my life that I was drunk past the point of physical control, Miss Watson sat with me in my bathroom and listened to me cry my little pumping heart out. She has also, on multiple occasions, allowed me to lay around her bedroom and eat off of her plate, mostly without knowing.

She is a great friend for adventure. We spent 18 + hours on a train ride to New York, and ate bagels.

She always wears sunglasses. This is a fact. She's from Colorado, so that makes sense. People from Colorado generally seem to have more money than I do, and are outside a lot. Both of these things denotes constant sunglass-wearing to me.

She indulges my childish impulses.

And she is just as sassy as thig blog requires. Leah Watson, we needed to post about you because you are an important part of our Cincinnati Life. I had this conversation with two women the other day:
Woman 1: (to her friend, Woman 2) Leah! That would look great on you!
Me: Aww! My friend's name is Leah! She's not here anymore, and that makes me miss her a little bit.
(Two women look flustered, make small conversation, and walk away)
It was not until later that I realized they thought you had died. While this is not true yet, we needed to commemorate your face. So, in memoriam, Leah Watson 1989-??

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  1. Thank goodness for our Special edition: Leah Watson post.

    She will be in our hearts, in our minds, and in our Sass.

    Leah Watson, we salute you.