Monday, July 20, 2009

Louisville, Kentucky is a Hip Place to Be

Dear Mikayla,
Remember this journey? It was the kick-off to your vacation week. I sure do. It was incredible.
Look at Zacpoo, here, waiting for you to return from the bathroom. He seems seconds away from murdering your urinary system for taking you away from him.
And this great picture. You both look so hip in this fly hip city. Fly hip.

Bookstores make everyone pleasant! Everyone that can read, that is. We got asked to get out of the aisle when there was obviously nobody coming into the store, and I only bought one book (which seems inappropriate considering the amount of time we spent in there), but we did have a great time reading intros to world topics and philosophies.

Ah, the many Heine Bros. Coffee Shops. One located on almost every block! Remember when you broke the display refridgerator?
And remember the two men who fixed it for you? Louisville is full of nice home grown folks!
Look at this contemporary sculpture. It has grace, elegance, sustainability...0h, wait.....that's a bike rack, isn't it?
Why, yes. Yes, it is.

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