Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to Live a Young and Happy Life

Dear Blog World,
About two and a half weeks ago, Mikayla and I were doing that thing we seem to lo0o0ove to do: watching tv.
Obviously, we were watching a cooking reality show, and on this fated day, the show was ThrowDown! With Bobby Flay.
We were amazed when Bobby Flay was beat by Lynn of Lynn's Paradise Cafe. She won with her famous french toast. It looked delicious! And then we realized, LYNN'S PARADISE CAFE IS IN
Suddenly, brilliance struck (don't worry--I'm used to it.)
Louisville, Kentucky is only one and a half hours from Cincinnati. It would be amazing to drive there for breakfast, and soon!
So we did. And it WAS amazing! Louisville ended up being surprisingly lovely, as well. We spent the morning walking down Bardstown Street, popping into quirky vintage shops, record stores, coffee shops, and book stores. The popping was well worth it-- I bought a pair of heart sunglasses and an inappropriate book for my brother's birthday. Lynn's was everything we hoped it would be. Non-greasy food, delicious ingredients, excellent environment, and the famous Bourbon French Toast itself, which we all shared.
And in the words of Zac Efron, "It's official...Louisville is hip as shit."

Here it is, as it was delivered to us. I had to snap this photograph quickly because Mikayla and Zac Efron's forks were seconds away from this plate. Seconds.

This was it immediately following the second I snapped the picture. And it was wellllll worth it.

The battle rages, as ever.

Look at this cute picture of these two people in love. Why are they so in love? Oh, it must be Lynn's! Lynn's Paradise Cafe, the place where all your dreams come true.

They're so happy to be breathing in Lynn's Paradise Atmosphere!

Be careful, Casey! That's Lynn's Paradise Gorilla!

Lynn's Paradise Happy Customers. Have morphed into fruit.
Thanks, Lynn! It's a long drive home, and you're right, I might need a snack.

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  1. i've been there! it truly is delicious and wonderful.